Performance and Career Management

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Week 4 Assignment: Career Development Plan

Week 4 Assignment: Career Development Plan Part III—Performance and Career Management

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Week 4: Career Development Plan
Performance management entails willingness and dedication to focus on improving performance on the individual or team level everyday; it helps employees by indicating present direction and their desired direction. To practice high-quality performance management, managers must provide timely feedback about performance, while consistently focusing attention on the ultimate objective (Cascio, 2005 ). Employees will be evaluated annually using the appraisal form. Feedback should be given by measuring the employee’s performance against standards set through the job analysis and the organizational goals. Employees often behave responsibly when they are asked in advance for their opinions about what is fair for the evaluation. The supervisor must be an active listener, avoid constructive criticism, judge performance and not personality, encourage participation and communicate on a regular basis (Cascio, 2005). Feedback will also provide opportunities for further career development and assist in identifying the need for additional training programs. Employees can reach a higher level of performance through the use of the appraisal because the evaluation can identify clear links between the performance standards for a particular job, organizational objectives and elements defined through a job analysis and the dimensions to be rated on the appraisal form. Performance standards interpret position requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable employee conduct. Job analysis identifies what is to be done and performance standards specify how well work is to be done (Cascio, 2005 ). A reward system has been established for performace on a monthy basis. The top performer will be the spotlight employee and will be recognized in the monthly company newsletter. A bonus...
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