Performance Analysis of Bubble Sort Using a Modified Diminishing Increment Sorting

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Mr. VIKAS BAJPAIB.TECH(CS) 3RD YEAR Department of CSE IEC-CET, GR. NOIDA| Ms. SAMEHA ARORAB.TECH(CS) 3RD YEAR Department of CSE IEC-CET, GR. NOIDA | Mr.ASHISH CHAKRAVARTIAssistant Professor Department of CSEIEC-CET,GR.| Prof. SHEO KUMARAssociate ProfessorDepartment of CSE IEC-CET, GR. NOIDA|

Sorting involves rearranging information into either ascending or descending order. There are many sorting algorithms, among which is Bubble Sort. Bubble Sort is not known to be a very good sorting algorithm because it is beset with redundant comparisons. However, efforts have been made to improve the performance of the algorithm. With Bidirectional Bubble Sort, the average number of comparisons is slightly reduced. This paper presents a meta algorithm called Oyelami’s Sort that combines the technique of Bidirectional Bubble Sort with a modified diminishing increment sorting. The results show the comparison between

iii.)Definiteness: Each step of an algorithm must be precisely defined, the actions to be carried out must be rigorously specified for each case.

iv.) Output: An algorithm has one or more outputs-quantities that have a specified relation to inputs.

v.) Effectiveness: An algorithm is also generally expected to be effective, in the sense that its operations must all be sufficiently basic that they can in principle be done exactly and in a finite length of time by someone using pencil and paper.

different sorting methods as well as comparison
between theoretical and practical values.The mathematical analysis has also been done of Oyelami’s sort.

KEYWORDS:Algorithm,Sorting,Bubble sort,Best case

Worst case,Average case,Comparison,Swapping.

Using computer to solve a problem involves directing it on what steps it must follow to get the problem solved. The steps it must follow is called algorithm. An algorithm is a finite sequence of explicit instructions to solve a problem with a finite amount of effort in a finite amount of time. Instructions can be executed any number of times, provided the instructions themselves indicate repetition. However, no matter what the input values may be, an algorithm terminates after executing a finite number of instructions. A program is thus an

algorithm as much as it does not loop infinitely on any input. Five important features of algorithm are:

i.) Finiteness: An algorithm must always terminate after a finite number of steps.

ii.) Input: An algorithm has zero or more inputs- quantities that are given to it initially before the algorithm begins, or dynamically as the algorithm runs. These inputs are taken from specified sets of objects.
A sort is a process that rearranges the records of a file into a sequence that is sorted on some key. Sorting organizes a collection of data into either ascending or descending order. Sorting can be categorized into two categories internal sorting requires that the collection of data fit entirely in the computer’s main memory while in external sorting, the data collectively will not fit in the computer’s main memory all at once but must reside in auxiliary storage such as disk. Sorting algorithms for serial computers (random access machines or RAMs) allow only one operation to be executed at a time. In sorting algorithms based on a comparison network model of computation, many comparison operations can be performed simultaneously. Comparison networks differ from RAM’s in two important aspects. First, they can only perform comparisons. Second, unlike the RAM model in which operations occur serially, that is, one after another, operations in a comparison network may occur the same time or “in parallel. Bubble...
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