Performance Analysis of Bangladesh Commerce Ltd.

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1.0 Background of the Study
Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd (BCBL) was formed following the National Parliament Act no. 12, 1997. An eleven member Board of Directors was constituted by the Government to steer the new banking organization of the country. The capital market of Bangladesh has yet to find a solid ground and the investor confidence in the market is not significantly high, especially after the stock market crash in 1996.The bank started its commercial activities on 16 Sep, 1999 with the slogan, “A People’s Bank with a Mission”. BCBL is a third generation bank in Bangladesh. It is operating as a commercial bank for the last 15 years. The main objective of this report is analyzing performance of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd based on horizontal financial analysis method. As an internship student it is the writer’s interest that what is the performance of it in various functions as well as in different services. By analyzing performance the periodic and current position of BCBL has already been identified. Here as an internship student I have also tried to identify which poly should be taken that’s why the bank become the profitable bank. Analyzing performance of BCBL based on various types of ratio analysis according to horizontal financial statement. and also Identifying the current services provided by the BCBL.

1.1 Origin of the Report
I have been assigned to do my Internship program in the Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. Report has been prepared after three months internship program in Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd at Bijoynagar Branch. It is a three credit course to complete the BBA program. In this report I have already tried to focus what was the periodic position of BCBL and also focus what was the present situation of BCBL based on ratio analysis. I have to submit a report after gaining experience of three months on Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd and also I could have to know the real life working situation and non-banking sector of Bangladesh. I hope the report will give a clear idea about the activities and the operational strategies of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. 1.2 Objectives of the study:

1.2.1 Main Objectives
* Investigating periodic position of BCBL and locating the present status. * Identifying the responsible factors for being loss making or profit making for BCBL. * Finding the initiatives taken by the BCBL to sustain the present position. * Providing policy suggestions if needed.

1.2.2 Supporting Objectives
* Analyzing performance of BCBL based on various types of ratio analysis according to horizontal financial statement. * Identifying the current services provided by the BCBL.
* Gathering information related to the strength and weaknesses of the bank.

1.3 Significance of the study
It is very important to know what the performance of performance of BCBL is. It is so much important to know whether the performance good or bad. BCBL is benefited by comparing the required and taken (prevailing) initiative. Bangladesh Bank can accelerate/expedite their present initiatives and can modify their existing stated policy for recovering a problem bank into a profitable one. Existing other banks can get Lesson how to keep away their bank form such problem as well as the identified other problem bank can also rethink about their policies and functions. Researcher’s can have the conception/idea/topic for further expansion of their research.

1.4 Scope of the study
Bangladesh Commerce Bank is to become the first choice in commercial banking and to make significant contribution for the society. It formally launched business activities on 16-09-1999. The report will concentrate only upon BCBL as a case study. Due to successful completion of essential part of the report have the opportunity to discuss regarding following issues: * What is the present situation of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd based on performance analysis * To know about the previous...
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