Performa of Project Report

Topics: Costs, Variable cost, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 4 (691 words) Published: April 24, 2011

I. Particulars of The Enterprise
i) Name of the Product(s) ___________Product Code______________________ ii) Name of the Unit and Address ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

iii) Telephone No. (if any), Office__________________ Factory______________ iv) Name(s) and addresses of the Promoters in Block Letters _________________________________________ v) Constitution of the Firm Proprietary/Partnership Pvt. Ltd. Coop. Society____________________________________________ vi) Qualification both Academic/Professional of the Entrepreneur(s) Name __________________________________________________________ Qualification ____________________________________________________ vii) Production/Working experience of the Entrepreneur(s) Name of the Organisation _________________________________________ Items Manufactured ______________________________________________ Period _________________________________________________________ viii) Family background (Please give details of close relations who are in industry/Business). Name & Address of the units & Items manufactured ___________________________________________________ ix) Location/Proposed locations _______________________________________ x) Name & Address of the bank with which you want to deal with _______________________________________ II. Economic Viability & Marketability

i) Introduction (Basic & Presumptions)
ii) Scope ____________________
iii) Marketability (Please give proposed selling arrangements & list of places where the products will be mainly sold & likely buyers). III. Technical Feasibility
i) Manufacturing process (Please give process flow chart). ii) Please indicate the process which will get done from outside. iii) Specifications (whether proposed to adopt ISI...
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