Perfomance Management

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Module Title:Performance Management (BM6934)

Programme: MA HRM/MBA

Assessment: 50% Examination, 50% Continuous Assessment

Module Leader; Ann Masterson


Module Proforma

Module Title: The Management of PerformanceLevel: M

Assessment: 50% course workExamination: 50%
Prerequisites:NoneCredits: 15

Module Code: BM 6934Module Leader: Ann Masterson


Aims of module:

* To provide a conceptual framework for effective performance management in an international context * To provide the knowledge and skills required to develop performance management strategy, policy and practice * To integrate performance management strategy with other HR strategies and organisational goals * To demonstrate the contribution of performance management within a HRM environment * To demonstrate the contribution of performance management to ethical business practice

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module, students will be able to:

1. Evaluate the different strategies for and approaches to the management, measurement and evaluation of performance 2. Appraise critically contemporary issues in performance management strategy, policy and performance 3. Analyse the circumstances in which effective reward management can contribute to the achievement of business goals 4. Evaluate appropriate strategies for performance review, target setting, employee development, coaching, poor performance and performance management systems 5. Explore the interdependent nature of organisational, departmental, team and individual goals and values together with their impact on organisational effectiveness 6. Evaluate the need for strategic integration of performance management with other areas of HRM and with organisational culture and objectives -------------------------------------------------

General Information and Guidance

Access to Tutors
Ann Master son will deliver this module. One of the tutor’s tasks is to support you in your studies and this goes beyond classroom contact. Staff are available outside normal class time, with contact details provided on the front cover sheet of this handbook.

Modes of Learning
In order to derive the maximum benefit from the various sessions, it is important to be aware of their structure and to develop a personal strategy for each approach. You need to understand that you are not a passive participant or consumer of what your lecturer delivers, but rather an active and critical participant in your own learning and development. While staff are here to support your learning, this programme is at postgraduate level and from the start of the module, you will be expected to show a degree of independence and initiative in directing your own learning.

Sessions are likely to comprise of mini lectures, group work and presentations, case study and practical exercises. Group work is a particularly rich medium in which to extend your learning and one in which issues and problems that others face in their own departments are shared.

The module will be delivered in three-hour blocks which will include lecturer input, group and individual exercises. Participative methods are used to create an active learning experience. The three main methods are: * Discussion – to enable ideas and opinions to be freely exchanged * Group activities – students undertake a particular task leading to a required outcome * Written case studies – to provide a common vicarious organisational experience.

The nature of the subject matter is such that you will benefit from the opportunity of sharing information and experiences with your peers.


It is the view of the programme team based on...
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