Perfetti Van Melle

Topics: Working capital, Cash conversion cycle, Inventory Pages: 33 (9854 words) Published: August 31, 2012
HR Manager

This project has become a reality only because of the able guidance and professional support of many people. I am extremely grateful to Mr Gautam Kaul for showing the way in our quest for learning. I am also thankful to PERFETTI VAN MELLE for giving us this opportunity to undergo our internship in the organization. At Perfetti Van Melle I sincerely thank Mrs Neha Chabbra for giving us an environment full of liberty to learn and experiment. The time I have spent here at Perfetti Van Melle has been a tremendous learning experience. I have learnt a lot not only by way of practical application of our theoretical knowledge, but have also gained valuable insights into an exciting industry, its dynamics, and the way the company works. For this, I am deeply grateful to Mrs Neha Chhabra for giving us the opportunity of working on this assignment and Mr. Manoj Jaiswal , Mr Saxena for their valuable time, able guidance, encouragement, feedback, support at every step and timely inputs. I also thank all the HODs, managers and staff members at Perfetti Van Melle for extending their help and making the path to completion of this project easy. I would also like to thank the entire staff of Sales accounting for extending all possible help and resources to us for carrying out our project smoothly, and our peer fellow summer interns for making this a truly enjoyable experience. Above all, I thank all my Lecturers and Institute for enabling me in dealing with the corporate world and successfully completing the project.

* Authorization
* Acknowledgments
* Executive Summary
* Introduction
* Working capital management
* Company Profile
* Objective ( Primary Research Objective , Secondary Research objective ) * Scope
* Claim Management Process
* Product Strategy
* Price Strategy
* Place Strategy
* Promotional Strategy
* Claim Settlement Process
* Debtors Analysis
* Region wise analysis of debtors (09-10)
* Year on Year Debtors (09-10 to 10-11)
* Region wise debtors analysis (10-11)
* Percentage Distribution Analysis
* Cash Management Analysis
* Comparative Analysis Of Companies On Various Criteria
* Turnover
* Inventory
* Sundry debtors
* Recommendations
* Bibliography
* Glossary
This report analyses the company Perfetti Van Melle India Limited. Claim management system and its working capital management were the main areas of study with overall study of company’s operations. Along with this a comparative analysis with its key competitors has been done under various categories. This report is an attempt to provide a detailed analysis of the Claim management system at Perfetti. In my project I tried analyzing the various types of claims that PVMI offers to its different categories of distributors and there treatment and clearance procedure on the daily basis using the Information management system known as the DCMS that operates throughout the organization all over India. I practically performed the clearance of the claims at the organization on daily basis under different categories. Along with these banking and debtors treatment at the sales accounting unit of PVMI was also studied. The entire stock movement and the movement of stock till its conversion into cash was analyzed.

Debtors analysis for the years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 was also done region wise i.e. north, south, west and east. A percentage comparison for the same was done at the end. Year on Year analysis has been done for both the years

Cash Management Analysis was done which analysis the number of days spent in realizing the cash and the loss that the company suffers in case of any default. In this section we observe and analyze the efficiency of the outsourced cash collection system of the company and how much the company is...
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