Perfectly Imperfect

Topics: Picket fence, Fences, Father Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The idea of what a perfect family is has many different viewpoints, and many different opinions. Is it a family where everybody always gets along? Everybody has their own idea of what a so called ‘perfect’ family is, in respect to their own. The topic can create a large discussion because there are many different viewpoints on the topic. Some people may say that a perfect family is the family with the working dad, the stay home mother, the two perfect children, and the white picket fence. It’s the family whose children are in school during the day, and when they come home the go to their clean rooms and study their schoolwork. After the father gets home from work, the family eats dinner, and then the children have their baths while the farther relaxes with the newspaper, the mother cleans the kitchen and then everyone goes off to sleep. There is no fighting and no arguing, just a routine day like every other day. The white picket fence family is one idea of a perfect family.

The idea of the family being bordered by a white picket fence may seem perfect to some people, but in another’s eyes, that idea is way off. Others argue that a happy family is a perfect family. One that at the end of the day everyone in the family loves each other and they all know it. These people believe that no matter what happens; they can always make their family perfect, or seem so, by spending lots of quality time together. This is the family that you see walking around the community lake together every evening at sundown. They don’t fight or argue, not because there is nothing wrong, like the families behind the white picket fences, but because they think if they fight they will no longer be seen as an ideal family.

In my opinion, a ‘perfect’ family is nonexistent. That perfect families are more than just a myth, I do not believe. Every family has their ups and downs, their fights and makeup’s, and their moments of wanting nothing to do with each other. Families are like best...
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