Perfection as a Vice

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  • Published : July 13, 2010
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Don’t Fit In, Stand Out

Have you ever tried to be so perfect at something and it ended up going all wrong? I have. In the essay “So What’s So Bad About Being So-So?” by Lisa Wilson Strick (205-207) she makes the point that being perfect doesn’t always turn out the way you hope. I completely concur with her. Perfection can often be a wonderful thing, but for me, perfection caused me to have a very low confidence and so it became a vice in my life.

Rather then being myself, I was too concerned about trying to be like everyone else around me and it turned out to be a huge mistake. In Strick’s essay, she mentions that “Competition keeps getting in the way.” (207). This statement is very true for me. In my situation, my competition was all the high school students that surrounded me. I wanted to be more like them, rather then just being myself.

Nonacceptance from my fellow students I looked up to and wanted to be like, made me hate everything about myself. I felt so out of place and knew I did not belong. I went to school everyday dreading what was going to happen and who was going to make fun of me. I became so involved in trying to be like everyone else around me I stopped concentrating on everything that mattered to me the most. I began to stop dancing and hanging out with my friends, and I also began to let my grades slip from straight A’s to C’s. I was so caught up with being liked that I really ended up losing sight in who I truly was. In Strick’s essay, she talks about a few joggers in their expensive jogging outfits and running shoes. She mentions that since she did not have all the expensive attire she was classified as “mediocre” to them (206). That’s exactly how I felt when I went to school. I didn’t have all the name brand clothing and shoes. My family was to poor to afford it. We went clothes shopping at Wal-Mart and to everyone that could afford the name brand things made fun of me for it.

All I wanted was to be liked by the popular crowd and...
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