Perfect Society

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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The world is far from a perfect society. There is people fighting people whether it is democrats or republicans, or the wars that the government is stopping. I thing for a perfect society there should be no division there should be one party working together to help the interest of the country. If there was no division the country would be happier, then we wouldn’t to say anything about the president. The president would have to worry about if people don’t like him/her. People are going door to door vote this and also calling vote this. Politics today are at a point where people are getting tired of hearing “vote demarcate” or “vote republican”. it would be nice for people not to be pressured. The other topic is about how we are being brain washed by the music, video games, and tv. That we play, watch, and listen to. It is filled with lyrics of alcohol and other stuff. The video games are filled violence that get us to do stupid things. If we didn’t have these games, music, and tv then there would be almost no gangs, violence, and drugs. We would be at are best. We would have to worry about athletes taking steroids, we would have to do drug checks at the schools. My perfect society also includes being on a Caribbean where there is only a few rules.

I think that there is way to much division in the parties that we have. I think that the people that don’t vote would vote if there was no division. The undecided would decide faster the election time would be cut in half. The party would have to work together get along and listen to all of the idea made by there fellow senators, mayors, and other workers.
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