Perfect Gift

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Michael Shuster

English 4

Mrs. Flynn


The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift to me would be the gift of amazing athletic ability, so that I could be a professional football player. That gift would help me to live out my dream.
The reason I chose this gift is because I have always loved the game of football. I have played football for the past few years, and it is my favorite thing to do. Having amazing athletic ability would make one of the very best players, which is the reason I could be a professional player. Also, I would make my living by doing something that I love and it would be a very good salary. I would be happy.

Although I think that I am a decent football player now, the gift of amazing athletic ability would help me to become a professional player. Without this gift, I'm not sure that I would be able to reach my goal. Amazing athletic ability would give me a professional career and a financially successful life. I would be able to take care of my whole family and others in need.

Football is exciting and every game is different. Playing professional football every week would make me extremely happy because I love to play the game. I would face challenges on and off the field, because professional football players are sometimes looked at as role models. I would need to make good decisions in my professional and personal life. Maintaining a good reputation would be important to me.

The perfect gift of amazing athletic ability would let me reach my goals and live a very happy life.
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