Perfect Dress

Topics: Beauty, Aesthetics Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: November 29, 2011
3 October 2011
Marisa de los Santos Perfect Dress Page 504
* Looking at a student’s journal, maybe written in blue ink or is a blue journal, they see that the writing is written in ink but is erasable because they see smudges. * The student thinks they are not beautiful and hopes that beauty is just going to come to her over night. * It’s strange how badly we want things to just come to us, when we know that things do not just come, we have to work at it. * We all want to be like girls in photographs. The girls with the long pretty hair and beautifully dark colored eyes. * Even better looking like the woman laid out on the beach. She has curves and a nicely colored body and is even prettier than the beach itself. * She longs to walk down the runway very confidently with long legs, skinny and her head, as beautiful as a very decorative egg, on a beautiful neck. * She reads at the checkout line a magazine about finding the perfect dress for that perfect evening. She starts to fell like if she reads it then she will have all the answers and she has the want to do it and believes it will happen. * When she was 15 she would spend weeks searching for that perfect dress. * She would go store to store looking for dresses that caught her attention, that shined. Looking for beautiful materials and brightly colored dresses. Looking for something that will make everyone else jealous. * There is nothing special or elegant about this fancy dress, but she tugs it on hoping that her body will magically make it look elegant or special. * When she sees the dress she sees all the ways that it can make her look beautiful. She sees all the way that the dress can make her shine * She wants this magical miracle to happen and everything that is wrong to just fall away * She knows that one day she will get that magical feeling of finding the perfect dress. That things will just fall into place and she will be beautiful in it. * She will...
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