Perfect Day

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Describe your perfect day
Waking up crack of dawn is the best way to start my day. The shimmering sun rays make their way through slit of my baby pink, silk satin curtains. The warm sunbeam acts like an alarm clock, striking my face as an untouchable object. I cover my face with my thick, yet light hot pink quilt, trying to avoid the fact that I have to wake up. I snooze knowing the fact that I don’t have to rush out of my ever welcoming bed. My bed is my best friend. Taking a lazy walk around the green park is my much-loved part of my day. Everywhere I look is mostly covered in plush, brand new carpet of grass. On either side of the walking path, is an army of tall, strong trees, guarding the path like armed soldiers. The branches of the trees are cut neatly and all of them are the same size and shape. I would spend a few minutes admiring the beauty of the wonderful exquisiteness of the nature. It would be a breath taking moment, gulping in all the fresh, summer air and the sweet smell of the freshly cut grass. The little pond looks lively with swans whose feathers look like as white as snow. Feeding the swans is also one of my preferred things to do. I spend some time nourishing the hunger of the stunning birds that spend their lives in water. They swim freely in the crystal clear water. By the time finish feeding the swans, it’s already evening. Watching the sun go down is same as a painting come to life. The colours and intensity of the light is just enough to calm me. The sunset is a great joy and relaxation after a long day and its colours gives me the warmth to comfort me to exhale in a calmly mood to recover energies for the next day. The sun is a gigantic and inspirational fire in the sky. It’s as if a powerful symphony was quieting down, becoming more emotional and beautiful as it dies down. The final rays of the day seems like an old friend of mine, waving good bye; I know that he is leaving but have full confidence that I will see him again. A...
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