Percy Shelly Master of Emotion

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Percy Shelly Master of Beauty

Mark Hightree

Tim Keller
4 March 2013

Hightree 1
Percy Shelly Master of Emotion
Percy Shelly's work seems to flow with gracefulness and feeling. Each of his works shows a different feeling and expresses what he sees around him. Shelly's poems are thick with life, love, beauty, expression, and imagination. This makes his works so enjoyable and easy to feel and read. He creates the true feeling of Romanticism.

Percy Shelly is known for a number of magnificent works including Ozymandias, Ode to the West Wind, To a Skylark, Music, When Soft Voices Die, and Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. These poems create a vivid feeling of the expression of beauty and imagination. A Hymn to Intellectual Beauty really show his imagination mixed with love. To a Skylarks beauty flows off the page and Ode to the West Wind creates the feeling of life. Although Ozymandias strays away from his usual emotions it is a great work of art and is very imaginative.

To a Skylark Shelly describes the beauty of a skylark. The bird ascends higher and higher into the sky. With each line he describes the environment around the bird as it sings. Shelly uses different objects like the stars in heaven when he says: "The pale purple even

Melts around thy flight;
Like a star of Heaven
In the broad daylight
Though art unseen but yet I hear thy shrill delight,"

Hightree 2
Going from the stars in heaven Shelly moves to the description of a cloud of fire as the bird soars higher into the sky. Higher still and higher|
From the earth thou springest,|
Like a cloud of fire;|
The blue deep thou wingest,|
And singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest.|
When he uses terms like golden lightning in these lines:
In the golden lightning|
Of the sunken sun,|
O'er which clouds are bright'ning,|
Thou dost float and run,|
Like an unbodied joy whose race is just begun.|
Each of these sections in his poem describes the skylark as a thing of beauty as well as the skylarks surroundings being magnificent.
In Shelly's poem Ode to the West Wind he shows a great deal of life through nature. The poem begins in Autumn where all the plants are either hibernating of dead. All the leaves are dry and dead on the ground and seeds lay in the ground like dead corpses in a grave. Shelly makes the environment seem empty and desolate. Here is an example of the description: The winged seeds, where they lie cold and low,

Each like a corpse within its grave, until
Thine azure sister of the spring shall blow

Hightree 3
In the next section of the poem has rain and lightning covers the land. Like a tiny spark of new life. After this he speaks as if he is a leaf himself. He asks the wind to lift him to fly with the wind. Shelly shows a great deal of imagination in this work, placing himself into his poetry. You can see an example in these lines.

If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;
If I were a swift cloud to fly with thee;
A wave to pant beneath thy power, and share

In Shelly's poem Hymn to Intellectual Beauty there is a huge amount of imagination and beauty. The poem describes an invisible force that passes from person to person, just as the wind passes from flower to flower. The force can be found all around in nature like through moon light, sunshine, music, or anything with beauty to humans.

The awful shadow of some unseen Power
Floats through unseen among us,-visiting
This various world with as inconstant wing
As summer winds that creep from flower to flower,-
Like moonbeams that behind some piny mountain shower

Hightree 4
Next he speaks directly to the "spirit of beauty" and ask it questions of its presence. Shelly speaks to it as if it is a human of a friend. He asks why it comes and goes, saying when it is here everything looks so beautiful and perfect but when it leaves...
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