Percy Jackson and the Olympians Essay

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Greek Project: Poseidon's Underwater Temple Explanation

I have chosen to build a temple for Poseidon in the city-state of Athens. The reason this temple is in Athens is because according to the Greek myth on the website Mr. Donn, the contest of Poseidon and Athena, the two gods compete to prove they are worthy of guarding that city-state. Athena gets the honor to guard that city-state because Poseidon thinks her gift is much better than his, but still is unhappy. To show his unhappiness, he flooded Athens. So, to show thanks to allowing her to be their guardian, I made this temple in honor of Poseidon. Additionally, Poseidon likes receiving temples and gifts from the city-states, especially the coastal city-states, like Athens, since those are closer to his true royal underwater palace. In this temple made especially for Poseidon, I have included some features that would be found in his royal underwater palace. This includes the decorative columns, fountains, and shells to add decoration to his palace above water. In the model of the temple and the drawing, I focused on only one room, the most important room to Poseidon. In this room, there is Poseidon's throne, his Trident's holder and a royal fountain with sparkling blue water. He has a view of the city-state of Athens, and of the Aegean Sea. Poseidon will truly be pleased by this temple for many reasons. First of all, he will be pleased because the temple is on a peninsula where he can gaze out to the Aegean Sea. At the same time, he will still be close enough to Mount Olympus so he can travel faster when needed at a meeting of the council of gods. Also, Poseidon will be able to have a private place where he can map out what city-states he still has to take guard over. This would be important to him because he wants to be the guard of the most city-states to prove he's the mightiest.


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