Perceptual Process

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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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Breakdown the perceptual process
There are multiple steps in the perceptual process. The steps consist of Environmental stimulus, Attended stimulus, Image of the retina, Translation, Neutral processing perception, Recognition, and Action. The environmental stimulus consists of every object in the universe that has a potential to be perceived. This will consist of anything that a person can see, hear, taste or even smell. It may also involve the movement of a person arm and leg or even the change in position of the body in relation to the gravity operation in the environment. The attended stimulus is when a particular object in the universe catches our attention and that is what our attention stays focused on. For example, we may focus on stimuli that are familiar to us, such as a person on a picture with a crowd of people that is in a news paper clipping. Next, the attention stimulus is formed as an image on the retina. The process is that the light passes through the cornea, the pupil, and onto the lens of the eye. The cornea duty is to focus the light as it enters and flows through the eye and the iris of the eye controls the size of the pupil so that the too much light will not be able to transfer to the eye. The lens and the cornea work together because if too much light enters the eye lid will close. The next step is the transduction. The transduction is the transmission of the image to the brain. The neural processing is the process in which different stages are transmitted throughout the body from receptors to the brain. In the next step of the perception process, the stimulus object in the environment is being perceived. At this point we are aware of the stimulus. Recognition is the next step in which it is the having the capability to understand and be able to explain the object as it appears. The last step in the perceptual process is action. Action consist of a many actions such as turning your head toward an object to get a clearer view or even just...
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