Perceptual Learning

Topics: Learning, Education, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Perceptual Learning

There are three different types of learning styles. The three are: The visual learner, the auditory learner, and the kinesthetic learner. The visual learner learns by seeing, the auditory learner learns by listening and the kinesthetic learner learns by doing. At my shoe boutique titled De’Jenae the majority of my employees are either auditory or visual learners. I have designed a program that best fits the auditory and visual learners and have been assigned a new employee who I suspect is a kinesthetic learner. My program does not fit her learning style but I have decided that it is imperative to adapt the program in order to fit her needs. I’ve decided to adapt the program because I have already been assigned a new employee and it is unethical to not give her a chance because of the fact that she is a kinesthetic learner. Since my training program is a PowerPoint and a lecture to explain how things get done at my company, I have decided to implement work shops for the kinesthetic learner. The workshop will consist of me bringing in customers and showing the kinesthetic learner how to sell the product. She will have three minutes per customer to try and make a sale and when the three minutes are up she will have to rotate and keep pitching sales until she has reached ten customers. This is the best way to teach the kinesthetic learner because they rather move about and explore as opposed to sitting, talking, or watching. By doing this she will learn more about the product and how to make the sale. In order to keep the kinesthetic learner busy on the days that we are slow, I will have her restock the floor to keep her moving and have her drop off deposits as well.

By adapting the program the kinesthetic learner will now have a better understanding of how things get done at my company and she will remain busy without feeling useless. Hiring the kinesthetic learner has shown much improvement within the company because she is more...
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