Perceptions of Youth Towards Premarital Sex

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Scoring Based on Lacks’ Scoring System

Error Rotation Overlapping Difficulty

Score if there is a rotation of 80º to 180º (including mirror-imaging) of the major axis of the whole figure (not a part of the figure). Do not score if S shifts the position of the card or paper and then draws the figure accurately. Difficulty in reproducing the portions of the figures that should overlap. (a) Omission of the portions of the figure which overlap. (b) Simplification of figures only at the point of over lap. (c) Marked sketching or reworking only at the point of overlap. (d) Distortion of the figure at the point of overlap. (e) Figures overlap at the wrong place. (f) Failure of figures to overlap. DO NOT SCORE – parts of figures more than 1/8 in. apart, score Simplification. Score if the figure is drawn in a simplified or easier from that is not more primitive from a maturational point of view, from the stimulus. (a) Circles for dots on figure 1. (b) Nonoverlapping parts. (c) Joining parts of figures are more than 1/8 inch apart. (d) Very simplified drawing. DO NOT SCORE – (a) figures less than 1/8 inch apart, score Close Difficulty. (b) Curves substituted for angles, not an error. Score if the figure is broken up into parts destroying the gestalt or if the figure is incomplete (unless S refuses to draw the entire figure). Substitution of a more primitive gestalt form than the stimulus. (a) Loops for circles (if persistent). (b) Dashes for dots (if extreme and persistent). (c) Triangle for diamond or hexagon. (d) Square for diamond. (e) Rectangle for hexagon. DO NOT SCORE – Do not score if curves are substituted for angles or angulation of bottom of hexagon on figure 7 is omitted. There are 2 kinds of Perseveration errors. If both occur, this error is still only scored once. TYPE A: Inappropriate substitution of the features of a preceding stimulus, such as replacing the circles of figure 2 with...
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