Perceptions of California

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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California is a well-known and acknowledged state of the US and had a long history that affected many people ranging from the European explorations where they came in contact with Native Americans. The American domestic policies that had a profound effect on their future existence on Earth to the Japanese internment camps where hundreds of thousand Japanese Americans lost their homes. There are other events that affected people's perception:The Mexican- American War for the conquest of California, the California Gold Rush, history of slavery in California, and many more. It is not just the history that affected people's perception, but what is portrayed in the media and entertainment industry. TV shows like Beverly Hills: 90210, The O.C., etc. Different people have different perceptions about California, even Californians have varied opinions due to the incidences that happened in the state. It has changed how they see themselves in the state, how they think the state sees them, and also how their life in California affected their identity.

In the essay “Invisible Men” by William Langewiesche, he talks about life as an illegal immigrant. The illegal immigrats didn't have the opportunity to come legally or for the luxuries, they came to the US to make a better life and to help their family back home. Some immigrants might think once they get across, they get to live like they deserve. But when they actually do cross, it's not what they expected. They cross the border finding out California is a hell hole and is insanely hard to become successful. They find out that they're not wanted by the natives living in the state, they have to live as vermin cowering in the dirt, hiding from the predators known as the border patrol. They have to scavenge for jobs to make ends meet. “Living in twilight lives camped out beneath freeway underpasses and deep inside barely accessible canyons, a few thousand undocumented laborers hide out from the U.S. Border Patrol by night...