Perception toward Middle Eastern Men

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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An area of diversity that I’m uncomfortable with is Middle Eastern men. I try not to be racist about it, it’s not like I think all men of this decent are trying to blow me up or anything. But, whenever I see a Middle Eastern man out I feel like I’m always watching them to see what they are doing. They are really arrogant and condescending to females. Middle Eastern men are also very loud and demanding towards women because in their own country women are treated as property and have no rights. People from that ethnic group really scare me because of this and I don’t want to be racist or anything but I feel like I do pay them much more attention than I would do of someone from another race.

My feelings about Middle Eastern men come from all different sources such as my friends, family, and the media. My family and friends have affected my thinking since 9/11. The increase in racism has gone up and the way my family and friends speak on Middle Easterners has been brainwashed into my mind. There have been many movies in the media talking about Middle Easterners bombing or being a terrorist. An example would be the movie Soul Plane a man of Middle Eastern decent boarded the plane and all conversations stopped all eyes were on him. My feelings about Middle Easterners are wrong in a lot of areas I know but when you see certain things you cannot help but feel this way once many people of the same gender, ethnic background and so forth do the same thing you sometimes factor in where they were born or the things they may have learned from their country.

My feelings have developed overtime because I don’t always get so paranoid whenever I see a Middle Easterner. Sometimes I see some and I may want to scream or run in fear of something bad happening or blowing me into pieces. Then there are some that I don’t get that vibe from at all. Living in America you see a lot of different people from different races, ethnic backgrounds, and decent but you cannot be racist to them...
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