Perception on Online Shopping

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Chapter 1
Introduction (March2)

Increasing numbers of people are gravitating towards more intensive use of the Internet as the accessibility of technology, the availability of information, and the ability to interact through the Internet increase and evolve. New information and communication technologies are constantly emerging, altering business methods, and particularly, the relationship an organization establishes with its customers. The continuing rise in popularity of the Internet for communication, education, entertainment and now even on shopping provides an opportunity to explore the relationship between. The rise of personal computer ownership and the improvement of internet access have led to the widespread use of the internet. This in turn allows the creation of online trading among suppliers, traders, bankers and consumers to transact their business in a virtual market. Online shopping has become very popular in the last few years. There are thousands of online shops available all around the Internet. Customers can purchase music, books, movies, games, electronics, perfumes, jewelry, clothing and many other products while sitting comfortably at their home PC. They do not need to spend the whole afternoon running around the city, they can simply access many of these shops online. When they do not like the product portfolio of a particular online shop or the products are too expensive, there are plenty other online shops available, just Companies running such online shops try really hard to provide the best services for all their customers. Often a single company sells many different kinds of products worldwide. This requires robust, scalable and secure applications for the company itself to manage all the business processes. The online shop is only one of them. In addition, companies usually need these enterprise applications quickly and require ongoing support and maintenance.

Conceptual Framework
This section discusses the...
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