Perception of University of the East College Students Pertaining to Relationships with Differing Religious Beliefs

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of University of the East Manila College of Arts and Sciences

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the degree of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE MAJOR IN ACCOUNTANCY


CASTRO, Suzanne G.

March, 2012

Title: Perception of the University of the East College Students Pertaining to Relationships Beliefs School: Researcher: Professor: Summary: The study entitled “Perception of University of the East College Students Pertaining to Relationships with Differing Religious Beliefs” was a quantitative research that attempt to collect numerical data from participants to answer the questions. The researcher decided to use the quantitative approach in order to analyze the data with the help of statistics. The researcher was hoping the numbers will yield an unbiased result that can be generalized to some population. The researcher chose to gather the data from fifty random respondents from different department of the University of the East Manila. The study was done in the University of the East Manila. This was conducted in the second semester of the year 2011-2012. The instrument used was a survey questionnaire. The University of the East, Manila Suzanne G. Castro Prof. Gladys Serafrica with Differing Religious

questionnaire, which is a basic data collection tool, was especially prepared for this survey in order to assure the anonymity of each respondent. It was

carefully developed so that it contained questions that provide information required to fulfil the objectives of this study. The multiple choice questions are easily understood and will provoke the honesty of the student. Whenever possible, the questions were logically arranged and in a manner that maintained the interest of the respondents. The researchers compiled all the data to classify the perceptions of the selected college students regarding in interfaith relationship. The researcher used questionnaires of the fifty college students as respondents. The researcher found that most of the teenagers considered religious beliefs when entering into a relationship but then, there is an instance that they would still accept their partner even if they do not have the same religious beliefs. Because they believed that when in a romantic relationship, acceptance is the other way for the relationship to work. Both romantic relationship and religion are important on the part of teenagers. The researcher therefore concluded the objectives of this study were achieved. Religion or religious beliefs were considered in a romantic relationship. Religion or religious beliefs could facilitate satisfaction in couples.

Researcher’s first thanks must go to the students in University of the East, Manila who took part in this study and spent time answering the questionnaire. Your cooperation was essential for the success of this study. Special thanks go to Prof. Gladys Serafrica and Erika Mariel G. Mayoni for their commitment and dedication in supervising the researcher throughout the research project. Their continuous awareness and

encouragement over the whole period of the study was crucial to the completion of this thesis. The researcher feels they contributed to her development as a person. Researcher appreciation goes to Kay Anne J. Ebora, Diane Christine B. Dizon and Ronald Dominic Babante for their kindness of helping the researcher distribute the questionnaires. The researcher was very grateful to her parents for their love and undying support. And above all, Heavenly Father, who gives his blessings, strength, determination and guidance to the pursuit of the study.

This research paper is wholeheartedly dedicated to: My family: Mama Papa Jhim Leila and Jazzmyn

My peer: Happy 7 Friends and Tropang DC

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