Perception of Prejudice

I have learned a great deal of background information on all the races that were covered in the textbook. I have learned what can constitute a prejudice and discrimination and that there is a large perception of prejudice and discrimination in the world and not all are necessarily true. Most prejudice is either learned from home or the result of lack of education about another race or ethnic group. Stereotyping is an exaggerated generalization about a group that does not consider the individual person. I feel that stereotyping is the basically the same as prejudice. As far as relating to any specific minority group I don’t think it will change how I relate to another race. I have always tried to treat everyone fairly and to give him or her the benefit of doubt.

I learned many new things about my cultural history. I never knew the Irish were treated so badly when they came to America or the conditions of the travel getting here. Most Irish left Ireland for America because of the poverty, disease, potato famine, and English oppression in their own country. Many job postings in America stated “No Irish Need Apply” and they were called the “White Nigger”. I also learned that they fought back fiercely against the discrimination. At the beginning of the Civil War, the Irish were to first to sign up and fight for the country that didn’t want them. The Irish Brigade was the most honored of fighting units. The Irish also continue to have strong ties with their homeland and celebrate many of their holidays, especially St. Patrick’s Day.

The majority of today’s immigrants live in six states: California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. By the year 2050 the U.S. population is estimated to be 387 million people, if the current rate of immigration continues. The Hispanic population will grow from 27 million to 85 million. “In California, where many new immigrants live, each native household is paying about $1,178 a year in state and local...
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