Perception Is Reality

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Running head: Perception Is Reality

Perception Is Reality

Laticia Dezell
COM425: Communication in Organizations (BCC1235A)

PerceptionPerception Is Reality

In the information age that we currently reside in we have many tools at our disposal that are intended to make life easier for us as we attempt to become more efficient in our daily lives. Mediated communication has completely changed the way we operate and communicate in the workplace and at home, indefinitely. Through the understanding of mediated communication we have noticed new subtleties arise that have either helped or hindered our cause to be more effective and productive. We are just becoming aware of how mediated communication is changing the dynamic of our everyday world when it comes to daily communication efforts. The use of acceptable “computer etiquette - the appropriate use of email, including appropriate uses of language and images, tactful decision making about whom to copy messages to, and topics that are acceptable for electronic communication” (Kreps, G.2010) is paramount to effective organizational communication and development. In the age of information, mediated communication is the method in which organizations thrive, or conversely fail. Faster or easier methods do not always equate to better, and the fallout of failed communication efforts are beginning to present themselves in our organizational culture at a higher rate than ever. It goes without saying that professionalism is of the utmost importance in any quality organizations communication when aspiring to be best in class. “When communicating with someone about a work-related matter, it is always important to be professional”(Rosenberg-Mckay, D.) This professionalism can be compromised if the basic rules and structure of our mediated communication are not adhered to. The article provided some very basic rules of engagement when Perception

utilizing the mediated form of communication...
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