Perception Check

Topics: Mind, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: May 7, 2013
"Perception Check"
William B Frazier Sr.
Grantham University

We know that all perceptions are subjective and there is not necessarily a best way to understand any given situation. So, if there are so many moving parts to perception, how do you make sure your own perceptions are accurate? In your answer give examples of how you must take into account physiology, age, culture, self, and cognitive abilities. Also, describe one other element you feel is important to take into account when working to avoid getting the wrong perception. What is reality but a concept unique to each of us? Can anything be classed as real when our perceptions differ greatly on so many things? Just because we see something a particular way does not make it so. We can be so insistent sometimes that our way of seeing something is more right than someone else’s way. Keeping an open mind at all times and remembering that a point of view is always valuable to each individual. I always used to classify myself as someone who was ‘realistic’ but after contemplating this further I realized that the term ‘realistic’ means something very different entirely. There are some people who believe that war is necessary sometimes to get peace and then in order to keep the peace. There are other people who will believe that war is evil and should never be entered into no matter what. Who is right? Is war right or wrong? That’s just an example. The perception of war depends on the views of the other person. Reality is a very fluid concept. What you see as real is only defined by your belief structure. Your version of what is real is only your perception of it; not what is so. I remember some hearing a radio show with one co-host version of reality was all about gang crime. That was because of her perception of life which then also became her reality. It didn’t make it reality for me and my reality was very different to hers. From that example you can see that you may or may not have control...
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