Perception and Priorities

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  • Published : June 2, 2009
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Perception and Priorities

what factors influences your listening perception and priorities? What are the implications of those factors? How can question techniques and nonverbal feedback improves the interactive process for a greater productivity?

Every organization wants to always be on top and to achieve a great success with any businesses; but in order to reach those goals their appointed managers need to lay out a strong foundation to keep up float and in compliance with the set goals. One very important essential skill is to have an open line of communication, without communication there is no possible way to take it the top and execute your goals. Communications is as important as laying the base foundation to the ground frame of a house. Before you continue to build you need reassurance and know that once you beginning building your home won’t come tumbling down. Which then the final outcome would be lost time, more cost and double the work crew so definitely not the way to go. Where as if, you would not cut corners and build a strong structure right from the very start, which then the end result would be accomplishment and success. There are two factors which are of up most importance in order to understand what makes up perception, they are reception and attention. Reception which means the process of hearing and seeing verbal, as well as nonverbal cues and objects. Our minds retain and determine how much information we receive. For example, we sit and watch hours of television which together involves both your eyes and ears but your minds decides on how much of this we will taken in and process. On the other hand, if you need assistances with listening and seeing for instance having to wear glasses then you would not be able to obtain fully all the information provided for you. You would have missing parts to an incomplete story. As for attention, it helps us to distinguish the difference between the information and how to process it...
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