Perceived Effectiveness of Helth Teaching Programs on Family Planning Among Mothers Within Reproductive Age of 15 - 49 Yrs Old

Topics: Health, Family planning, Natural family planning Pages: 27 (9255 words) Published: July 24, 2013

Chapter 1
Nurses are expected to be adaptive since changes are always constant. In health care setting, patients come and go. In community setting, the health care is being reached out to the community. Some of the roles and functions of a nurse are communicator, teacher, counselor, and change agent. As perceived by the researchers, a public nurse should possess all of this in terms of providing health teaching and counseling to their clients about Family Planning. A nurse should be a communicator to be able to identify the client’s problems and then relay this to other members of the health team. A nurse should be a teacher to help the clients learn about their health needs. A nurse should be a counselor to help the client recognize and cope with a situation and let them understand and adjust. Lastly, a nurse acts as a change agent to be able to assist the client to modifications in their behavior. As student nurses, one must learn and achieve the different roles and functions of a nurse. Exposure to the different community areas gave the researchers idea on how one must associate and mingle with the different classes of people and different age-groups. Also, these exposures to the different out-patient department such as the barangay health center gave the researchers the chance to conduct health teaching. Because of this, the researchers wondered if the information they are sharing are remembered and understood by the participants. One of the most taught concepts in the health center are the different Family Planning Methods. The World Health Organization advocated the need to let the people understand Family Planning and how it can benefit a family. Its main goals is to improve access to and the quality of family planning and other sexual and reproductive health services; increase skilled attendance at birth and strengthen referral systems; reduce the recourse to abortion and improve the quality of existing abortion services; provide information and services that respond to young people’s needs; and integrate the prevention and treatment of reproductive tract infections, including HIV/AIDS, with other sexual and reproductive health services, because of this they developed a Strategic Approach on how strengthen the sexual and reproductive health policies and programs. In line with this, the Department of Health mandated under Executive Orders 119 and 102 a priority public health program on Family Planning to attain the country's national health development: a health intervention program and an important tool for the improvement of the health and welfare of mothers, children and other members of the family. It also provides information and services for the couples of reproductive age to plan their family according to their beliefs and circumstances through legally and medically acceptable family planning methods. The objective of the program is to help couples and individuals achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood and improve their reproductive health. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The researchers conducted a study regarding the Perceived Effectiveness of Health Teaching Program of Barangay Bangkal Makati City. A 5-day health teaching program was conducted to 30 respondents which are mothers and within the reproductive age of 15-49 years old. Nola Pender’s Health Promotion Model focusing on the cognitive-perceptual factors was utilized. A 30-item multiple choice type of test was developed and was given to the participants to measure the cognitive factor. This test was given before and after the Health Teaching Program. On the other hand, a 20-item survey questionnaire was developed to measure the perceptual factor of the respondents. Barangay Bangkal was chosen by the researchers since it is within...
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