Perceived Discrimination and early Substance Abuse Among American Indian Children

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  • Published : October 29, 2014
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Perceived Discrimination and early Substance Abuse Among American Indian Children Introduction
It’s important to know the ins and outs of how things happen. Discrimination is a big thing that doesn’t seem real to a lot of people but, it is to American Indians. When it comes to the younger American Indians it is especially important as to why inside and outside influence might play a role in discrimination in the drug role and the minors in that society. The further you look into it the more you start to see mainly in the upper Midwest region. There is all this information on adults in the psychological field as well as other fields but, one does not look into the possibility that childhood could be the start of some of the discrimination problems involving attitude that leads to behaviors that can be self-destructing such as drugs. It can lead one to believe that all children in that culture do drugs even though they don’t (otherwise known as a stereotype). Why is it in the American Indian culture and why it happening to them so young? So young as middle schooler’s? CITATION Kes99 \l 1033 (Kessler, 1999)What researchers decided to do to find out what the real problem was in the particular culture was to have willing tribes and boards to read reports that were written about their problem. However, how was one to trust anyone when negative studies have been done and has caused many problems among the American Indians and other cultures? CITATION Del69 \l 1033 (Deloria, 1969). The study was approved and then began. Approximately 84% of the tribes did the survey but, there was about 10% that did not want any part of the survey. Regardless of everything that was available to each tribe household incomes varied from $10,000-35,000. At the same time that also depended on if one or two parents working and how far away they were from work and what kind of work they had. Many of the dual parent households were on some sort of family assistance. When it came to the...