Pequot War

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  • Published : September 4, 2012
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The Pequot War
In this paper I will describe the clash between the colonist of New England and the Pequot Indians. I will discuss what the conflict was over, the outcome of the conflict, and the long-term results of the conflict. I will also converse why the English Colonist and Pequot Indians could not come to an agreement.

The Pequot War started in 1637 and had great consequences.  This war was the first serious armed conflict between native people and colonist of New England. In May of 1637 captins John Underhill and John Mason struck the Pequot settlement in Mystic. John Mason ordered his soldiers to burn them. The Pequot tribe that occupied the Connecticut Valley was destroyed and decimated. Only thirty to forty Pequot Indians escaped and the ones that were captured were sold into slavery in Boston. In the final outcome the Pequot Indians signed a legal document called “Treaty of Hartford” which was put into pace a year later. The Treaty of Hartford ended the Pequot Tribe and their name. There were many conflicts that took place to start the Pequot War. English Puritans were taking the Pequot Indians land over. They were conflicting over property, livestock damaging Indian crops, hunting, the selling of alcohol to Indians, and dishonest traders. Also the English believed that it was their land and the Indians were just savages. The English felt as they were better than anyone. The Indians felt as if they were in a complicated situation. The Pequot Indians needed the colonist and were at their mercy because they depending on the English colonist goods. After trying to reconcile many times they could not come to an agreement and that’s when the Pequot war started. The war did not just involve the English and Pequot Indians but several other Indian tribes as well. One of the tribes was the Mohegans. The Mohegans united with the English to slaughter the Pequot Indians. They did this because they were receiving goods from the English Puritans. Prior to this...
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