Peptic Ulcer

Topics: Peptic ulcer, Stomach, Helicobacter pylori Pages: 20 (8309 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background
Diseases have become common in today’s world. It has been observed that when medical science finds some medicine or vaccination for a particular disease, many other diseases arise. Certain microorganisms become resistant to drugs and some viruses change their structure to protect themselves from the effect of the medicine. Peptic ulcer also has become more common than the past. People blame the change in lifestyle and food habits for this disease. But medical science has proved that food habits and lifestyle changes are not always the villain. Ulcer is most common type of diseases globally. The word ‘ulcer’ is coming from the Latin words ‘ulcus, ulceris’ means ‘sore spot , sore, painful spot’. Ulcers are crater-like sores which structure by lining of the digestive track. It is generally ¼ to ¾ inch in diameter or 1 to 2 inches. Ulcers are known based on its categories. If the lining or sore is in the stomach it is called gastric ulcers. When the sore is just below the stomach and at the starting part of small intestine then it is called duodenal ulcers. Another category of ulcer which is less commonly seeing and it is called esophageal ulcers which are in esophagus. When the ulcers are in stomach and duodenum then these are called as peptic ulcers. By the opinion of some doctors ulcer is occurred as a result of stress or eating food with too acidity. But majority of cases are come about by an infection which is because of germs. It may happen by many reasons. The main two reasons are stomach makes too much acid and occurring the lining of digestive track is damaged by a specific reasons. Stress is an important reason to happen this infection. Another reason is anti-inflammatory medicines. People are using too much medicine whether the disease minute or not. The regular or long-term use causes the damage of stomach lining and result is ulcers. For example some medications for arthritis cause the harm to stomach lining and leads to ulcer. When the symptoms of ulcers are observed it can see that each type has its own symptoms. But it is a fact that some common symptoms can be seen in most of the people. One of the important reasons is weight loss. It is takes place without any other reasons. Another symptom is vomiting tendency. With these reasons people also faced heavy feeling in stomach and dull pain, bloating etc… when a person who has the ulcer has the feeling of full of stomach quickly. In the case of gastric ulcer when one eat or drink it feels worse but, the case with duodenal ulcer it feel better when one eat or drink. But after one or two hours it becomes worse in duodenal ulcer. I would like to collect answers for the following questions by this dissertation. Ethical issues of peptic ulcer, Effect of Cost of Treatment, Effects of Treatment and study whether peptic ulcer is a life threatening disease or not. 1.2 Aim of study

This study is to find the reasons for peptic ulcer and how it is to be treated. 1.3 Objectives
This project is aimed to study about
* Ethical issues of peptic ulcer
* Effect of Cost of Treatment
* Effects of Treatment
* Is it a life threatening disease

Chapter Two: Literature Review
2.1 Introduction
In literature review, information is collected from different books, journals, or magazines as the first step. After taking the necessary information from any source, it has to be evaluated properly. It is a part of the research. After proper evaluation, the findings can be made, which is almost a conclusion. Reaching the findings is the aim of the literature review. 2.2 Ethical issues of peptic ulcer

There are many instances in which people cannot follow a good daily routine due to their profession or some other problems. This condition may prolong even after the diagnosis of the disease. Even though the patient knows that he or she has to maintain food on time and he or she has to avoid...
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