Pepsico Marketing Plan

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Pepsico has been in existence since the early 1900’s. Since that time there has been an explosion of new and innovative soft drinks available to the public. Laurent Nielly, former vice president of innovation for Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages and currently with the PepsiCo International division says that Pepsi beverages must give the consumer a felling of “joy, excitement and fun” (Demetrakakes, 2008). His idea is that the consumer should smile when using a PepsiCo product; this is the focus of the PepsiCo brand. One of the ways that PepsiCo has been able to produce smiles from their customers is through innovative packaging ideas.

Recent packaging innovations include focusing on a green approach by using lightweight bottles that reduce the amount of plastic that is used. Staying with the idea of plastic bottles, PepsiCo has unveiled newly designed bottles that are tall and tapered at the waist with creative and stylish labels. It is not just plastic bottles that lead the way on creativity. PepsiCO has also designed reclosable aluminum bottles for several of its products that are marketed toward younger consumers (Demetrakakes, 2008). One thing that PepsiCo has not focused on in the U.S. market is the idea of using glass bottles as a method of product delivery.

Unlike aluminum and plastic bottles that add an aftertaste of the bottle itself, glass bottles add no flavor of their own to the carbonated soft drink. Distributing flagship soda flavors like Mountain Dew in a glass bottle is a new take on an old concept. This idea is aligned with one of the themes of PepsiCo’s competition. PepsiCo’s largest competitor Coca-Cola recently rolled out an aggressive marketing campaign for Coca-Cola Classic in which they use the slogan “Coca-Cola … Real.” This theme reminds many people of previous slogans “It's the Real Thing” and “Can't Beat the Real Thing” from many years earlier (Cortes, 2004). PepsiCo can surpass this idea of the “Real Thing” by issuing a...
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