Pepsico Internal Analysis

Topics: Dispute resolution, Mediation, Conflict resolution research Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: August 12, 2008

Conflict is a normal and natural part of public planning and community life. Conflict resolution requires good faith efforts on the part of conflicting parties, as well as a neutral third party. Third party conflict resolution is any attempt by a relatively neutral person to help the parties resolve the problem they are having. In third party conflict resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a process that is designed to resolve a conflict between parties who are unable to reach an agreement. It also provides a structured, semi-formal and orderly way for people to find agreement. There are generally three types of third party conflict resolution which are arbitration, mediation and inquisition. These activities can be classified by their level of control over the process and control over the decision. For inquisition, the inquisitors have high level of process control and decision control. There are 4 steps to successfully resolve a conflict in this inquisition method which understands the conflict, communicate with the opposition, brainstorm possible resolutions and choose the best resolution. To understand a conflict, the inquisitors have to identify essential participants, afford all participants equal standing, structure sessions to encourage participation, find a neutral location for meetings, achieve consensus among participants on the agenda, find convenient times for meeting and provide sufficient time between sessions to do follow-up work and analysis. These steps are really important for the inquisitors to understand the conflict between the two parties. Managers usually adopt this method because this method has been suggested by researches because the have the power to control over the process and decision in order to solve the problem and it is consistent with the decision-oriented nature of managerial jobs. However, the inquisitional approach is the least effective. This is because the inquisitors tend...
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