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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Company Analysis:

Professor Wade Rose

March 30th 2013
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Company Description
International Strategy
Marketing Approach
Logistics Approach
Human Resource Management Approach

Executive summary:

Company Description:
PepsiCo is a global food and beverage company. PepsiCo’s annual revenue for 2011 was 66.5 billion US dollars. The labour force for 2011 was 297,000. ( The company is headquartered at New York, US. PepsiCo has operations mainly in four different regions, PepsiCo Americas Foods, PepsiCo Americas Beverages, PepsiCo Europe, and PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some of their top product lines include PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and Tropicana. (See Appendix A) PepsiCo used to be the primary competition for Coca-Cola Company historically. ( Through the mergers and acquisitions as of 1990s and 2000s, PepsiCo has successfully expanded their market to not only carbonated soft drinks, but also non-carbonated soft drinks as well as many different snack brands. ( This will allow PepsiCo to diversify its market and receive revenue streams from easier competed markets. PepsiCo nowadays is very stable and successful because of its diversified market. Recently, there was a 19% increase net income on the fourth quarter of 2012 income statement compared with 2011 fourth quarter, but overall through the whole year; there was a 6% decrease in net income.( This could indicate that net...