Pepsi's Philippine Fiasco

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Object, Operating system Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: January 8, 2013

1. What system problems are demonstrated in this case? Identify the Subsystems involved?

The system problems that are demonstrated in this case are they did not update their set of files and database. Also they didn’t consider the risks when they planned this sales promotion. The subsystems that are involved are the personnel, transactions, operations and the software systems that they have used. 2. What role did the computer play in creating the problems? Were they the fault of the computer or were the management problems?

Making lots of the same numbers in bottle caps like 349.
I think it’s a fault of management , because they are also the one who managed the computer s, and as their role, they should know the status of their business or what will happen when they have raffle games.

3. Could a better system have prevented or minimized the problems?

Maybe, when a system is created, the user must know how to use it properly to lessen and prevent the problems.

4. Could the problems have been prevented by establishing a better methodology? What procedures would be necessary?

The problem was minimized of what they did, because the holders of number 349 still have a price to claim. The procedure of the company should check the numbers they make for raffle.

5. Would an object oriented approach to the system have helped prevented the problems?

Yes, I think an object oriented approach to the system may have helped prevented the problem. The object oriented approach is used to manage the systems. The advantages of this approach are that it makes the system not too much complex, it can be use again the quality of the system is increased, maintainable and scalable.
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