Pepsi: Promoting Nothing

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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Pepsi: Promoting Nothing

Q1) What markets should Pepsi target for Aquafina?
A1) Since Aquafina is a consumer product, Pepsi should choose a large target market. Firstly, Pepsi could mimic the other water producers and target women. But to narrow the targeting even more, it could target the 20-35 aged, active, on-the-go, health-conscious woman. Then, in response to the concerns over teenagers drinking too many soft drinks, it can also position the drink as a substitute for soft drinks. This would be problematic for Pepsi but could be a complementary alternative. Likewise, focusing on the mass market, irrespective of gender, can also prove very profitable as it will give the company a greater scope for diversification. Mass marketing can also be suitable since Aquafina has an average price so it is affordable for almost every one. Furthermore, it could position Aquafina not as a sports drink but simply as a convenient source of pure water for people on the go or in situations where good water was not readily available. Q2) What advertising objectives should Pepsi set for Aquafina? A2) The core advertising focus of Pepsi should be on communicating the major benefits and high quality level to its customers. Consumers already know about the product and the category’s success has demonstrated the primary demand for the product. The focus for advertising objectives should be on persuading or on building selective demand. Pepsi wants to build brand preference and encourage both new users and brand switching. Persuasive advertising includes persuading customers to purchase now, to receive a sales call, and convincing customers to tell others about the brand which also gives it a competitive edge. Q3) What message strategy and message execution recommendations would you make for Aquafina? A3) The first step in creating effective advertising messages is to decide what general message the company wants to communicate to consumers. This flows from the positioning...
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