Pepsi Marketing Plan.

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Term Paper
Based on “Marketing Plan

Company Name: PEPSI

Date of Submission: 7th December 2010.

Submitted By:

Group-Luminous.Name I.D.
Farhana Akhter0941
Sharmila Rani Dus0941
Md.Hanif Miah0941
H.M.Enayet Karim08510140

Submitted To:
Ms. Rahma Akhter.
Lecturer of U.I.T.S
School of Business.

Term Paper


Marketing Plan

"Every Pepsi Refreshes the World"

7th December 2010.
Ms. Rahma Akther.
Senior lecturer
University of Information Technology and Sciences.
Subject: Requesting for accepting the term paper.

Dear Madam,
We believe that we applied our knowledge in the practical field with sincerity in this paper. We would be very thankful to you if you accept this term paper. We seek out address the major issues to make this paper accurate and reliable despite some limitations. If you have any kind of inquiry, we would be very pleased to explain.

With thanks.

Sincerely yours,

On behalf of the group

H.M.Enayet Karim.
ID: 08 510 140
BBA 8th Batch
School of Business
University of Information technology and Sciences.


This term paper would not be accomplished without the generous contributions of any individuals and organizations. We are very much grateful to them for their unlimited help and support. Above all, we express our gratitude to ALLAH the almighty, who aided us with his strength, gave us wisdom and patience to complete this term paper. Additionally, we thank our course instructor “Ms. Rahma Akhter”, who believed that we could terminate this term paper on time. Her moral guidelines, endless effort, and joyful encouragement made us successful in this paper. Furthermore, we want to show our appreciation to the executives, to the librarians of UITS library, and to the lab-assistants of the computer labs, for their unlimited patience during the time of research writing. Eevertheless, we want to give thanks Mr.Azizur Rahman the honorable finance adviser of PEPSI working in Chittagong for his cordial help and co-operation. Moreover, we are also thankful to our classmates, group members, and friends for their helps and supports. We would like to show our endless gratitude by specifying name of FARIA AHMED for her support in this term paper. At last, we thank to our parents and other family members for their helps, Supports and sacrifices during the study period.


Everyone should try to make something new rather than copying others. By copying one thing, no one can get something good as new. We four friends made a term paper on “Marketing Plan”. It was very hard for us to complete this paper. We tried our best to make this term paper nice, and at last, we succeeded. Therefore, it will be pleasurable for us if any one do not copy any information from our paper. Alternatively, if it would become very important to use our term paper then please ask us before use. Moreover, please keep in mind that this paper is prepared for our honorable course instructor Ms.Rahma Akhter “Principles of Marketing” at the University of Information Technology And Sciences. Any one copying from this paper without noticing will be owed to the law.

December 07,2010.
Ms.Rahma Akhter.
BBA,MBA,Dhaka University.
Senior Lecturer,
School of Business.
Department of Marketing.
University of information Technology and Sciences.

Dear Madam,
We are submitting herewith our report entitled as Marketing Plan about most recognized soft drinks PEPSI that has been made by us with the fulfillment the field study and web based information according to course requirement. The main purpose of this Term Paper is to analyze a marketing plan or achieve set of concepts on how to make an effective plan in future job...
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