Pepsi Cola Marketing Mix

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Pepsi Cola Marketing Mix
Pepsi Co., one of today's leading soft drink companies, has not only revolutionized the soft drink industry with its creative marketing techniques and unforgettable taste, but for years has dominated the snack food and juice industry as well. PepsiCo. is amongst the most successful consumer product companies in the world. The company consists of the Pepsi-Cola which is the world's second largest beverage company, Frito-Lay Company which is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of snack chips, and Tropicana Products, Inc. which is the world's largest marketer and producer of branded juices. Pepsi Co. is proud to declare that its overall mission statement is: "To increase the value of our shareholder's investment through sales growth, cost controls, and wise investments of resources. PepsiCo believes that commercial success depends upon offering quality and value to consumers and customers; providing products that our safe, wholesome, economically efficient, and environmentally sound while adhering to the highest standards of integrity." PepsiCo's company objectives are based on one question: "What exactly is it that enables the best consumer product companies to grow year in and yea

r out?" Market positioning is one of the most important aspects of PepsiCo success. It has been a leader and gaining market share in each of its core businesses and strives to continue in recognizing under-marketed target regions throughout the world to continually gain market share from its competitors. The second aspect of PepsiCo's objectives deals with continuing is strong well- recognized consumer brand name domestically and internationally. Third the company strives to recognize good growth prospects and opportunities for new and alternative product development within each of its core businesses. PepsiCo's fourth objective is to globally diversify its portfolio. Pepsi Cola brand beverages are now available in over 160 different countries,...
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