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Pepsi is Pvt. Limited Company. It is a franchise of Pepsi cola international. It first came to Pakistan in 1960, but they did not do well at that time. So they packed off and went back. In 1969, Pepsi came back but still their appearance was not satisfactory in the market so they approached Pakistan beverages to take the franchise for Pepsi. And from that day onwards it took Pakistan beverages a period of 5 years to knock down coke from the No.1 position and in 1985 they became the market leaders in the beverage industry in Pakistan.

As today, Pepsi has an average 72% of market share as compared to 22% of Coke in Pakistan. Hence, Pepsi is the market leader and a major player in the beverage industry.


The mission statement of Pepsi is to continue being the No.1 beverage company in Pakistan.



Pepsi has a big tough competitive environment and it affects Pepsi in a very pressurized way and they have to cope up with that pressure to maintain their position in the market and good relationship with its target customers. Basically environments are of two types:

➢ Micro Environment
➢ Macro Environment


The microenvironment of the company consists of the following 6 elements. They are: • The company
• Suppliers
• Marketing channel firms
• Customer markets
• Competitors
• Publics

The above-mentioned elements are closely related to the company that affects its ability to serve its customers.


To design marketing plans, the company Pepsi has interrelated groups, which forms the internal environment. These groups are as follows:

• Top management:

As Pepsi is a Pvt. Ltd company, so firstly, they have the board of directors. Under them they have CE (Chief Executive), who is there to implement the policies as desired or design by the board of directors. Then under the CE they have 3 directors. Under these directors they have the departmental heads. The top management plays a very important role in the company, and effects the company in a very pressurized way, as it plans the whole system, the policies and set goals for the company. They also motivate their employs and try to expand their company.

• Finance:

The finance department is followed by audit and accounting department which is there for finding and using funds to carry out marketing plan and also keeps the records of its daily sales and purchases and controls the cash flow.

• Research and Development:
The R&D department of Pepsi focuses on determining what is happening in the market, market share, product quality and needs of the consumer.

• Purchasing:

The purchasing department of the company deals with its suppliers.

• Manufacturing:

The work of manufacturing department is to produce the product with the desired quality and quantity.

• Accounting:

As we mentioned above that Pepsi’s finance department is followed by audit and accounting department, it performs the same function that we have mentioned above.


Suppliers play a very important role in Pepsi. As they provide raw materials needed by the company to produce the products. Pepsi deals with various kinds of suppliers that are: • Bottle suppliers.

• Crown suppliers
• Concentrate (Comes from Pepsi Cola international company in America.) • Sugar suppliers.
• Carbon dioxide suppliers.
• Water suppliers (Comes from water board.)

As Pepsi belongs to FMGC (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), so they cannot afford any kind of breakdown in their...
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