Pepsi Co.

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PepsiCo, like other companies have their sustainable and competitive advantages, and are judged on their SWOT analysis. I will discuss how PepsiCo does in these areas and how they plan on improving some as well.

PepsiCo states that there are three main sustainable advantages that give them a competitive edge as they compete globally with other companies. One, their big muscular brands, two, proven ability to innovate and create differentiated products, and third, powerful go-to market systems ("Overview" ). The picture shown below is the same one shown on their website showing the cycle in which the company operates ("Overview" ).

The company’s website also tells how the brands are over one hundred years old, yet the corporation is relatively young ("Overview" ). PepsiCo was formed when Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay merged in 1965 ("Overview" ). In 1998, Tropicana was added to PepsiCo. ("Overview" ). Followed by that merge was the Quaker Oats Company and Gatorade in 2001 giving the company a sorted variety of beverage lines ("Overview" ). With all of the company’s merged into one corporation, PepsiCo has acquired products that are well brands, therefore enforcing their muscular brands as an advantage.

I believe that one of PepsiCo’s biggest competitors is the Coca-Cola company, speaking purely on beverages. Even in my own personal experiences I have found myself having to choose between Pepsi and Coke (for what I deem to be their most popular soft-drinks). But, PepsiCo has various products from foods to beverages and the Coca Cola company only offers beverages. One of the things PepsiCo tells on their website is that they reinvest money back into their own new products and the company also invests in building the brands that the corporation already produces ("Overview" ).

PepsiCo’s third advantage, as shown in the diagram above, is their powerful go-to market systems ("Overview" ). This advantage can be seen to be enforced through PepsiCo’s mission...
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