Pepsi Brand Audit

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Strategic Brand Management

Assignment 2 - Top Global Brands


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Q1 What were the factors that enabled the brand to flourish from launch to the current period and build brand equity?  You might wish to examine marketing mix elements and brand resonance model  critically in this context.  Ans: Pepsi-Cola is a carbonated beverage that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. The drink was first made in the 1890s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. The brand was trademarked on June 16, 1903. Like all other successful brands Pepsi gives a great importance to all the elements of the marketing mix model which are listed below: Product

Pepsi has been bringing fun and refreshment to consumers for over 100 years. From its humble beginnings over a century ago, Pepsi-Cola has grown to become one of the best- known, most-loved products throughout the world. Today, the company continues to innovate, creating new products, new flavors and new packages in varying shapes and sizes to meet the growing demand for convenience and healthier choices. PepsiCo is a very diversified company. According to estimates, the Pepsi brand accounts for about 20% of PepsiCo’s revenues The various product of Pepsi are:

* Pepsi: Pepsi is the most saleable product of PepsiCo. It is popular in the younger generation all around the world * Diet Pepsi: A variant of the original Pepsi, Diet Pepsi is a zero sugar, zero calories drink * Pepsi Blue: Pepsi Blue is a berry-flavored soft drink produced by PepsiCo. It was launched in India near the cricket world cup to associated the Pepsi with the Indian people as Blue is official color of Indian cricket team.

* Pepsi decides it price on the basis of competition. The best think about the company Pepsi is that it is very flexible and it can come down with the price very quickly. The company is renowned to bring the price down even up to half if needed. Place

* Pepsi is a product from a US based company with approximately 52% of its revenues located in the states. * PepsiCo is in the midst of making a $1, 000 million investment in China, and a $500 million investment in India. Both initiatives are part of its expansion into international markets and a lessening of its dependence on US sales. Promotion

In the beginning Caleb Bradham always tried to keep the public interested in his product he used slogans like in 1903 when he said that Pepsi "Exhilarating, invigorating, aids digestion." Pepsi markets its product to the youth of the world throughout its 105 year history. Through slogans like 1984’s “Pepsi The choice of a new generation”, and 1993’s slogan Be young, Have fun, Drink Pepsi. The slogans for today are geared toward younger generation. The slogans help keep the Pepsi brand fresh in the minds of the public. Pepsi has also involved itself with sports like baseball, racing, and football. Pepsi has had athletes like, Alex Rodriquez, Derek Jeter. Ken Griffey Jr and many other MLB star athletes. Besides using slogans Pepsi redesigned its logo to help build a strong brand name. Over the years Pepsi has redesigned its logo several times in its history. For example, it changed its logo 13 times in its 105 year history. In 1990, Pepsi changed its logo to italic capital font, and is taken out of the small blue and red Pepsi swirl that runs up and down the package. With every new generation a new Pepsi logo to keep the Pepsi brand fresh sleek and hi tech. Pepsi has stayed in style. Also by always changing and adapting to new trends it has allowed Pepsi cola to have a long product life cycle. In early 1975s Pepsi introduced the Pepsi challenge marketing campaign where PepsiCo set up a blind tasting between Pepsi-cola and Coca-cola. In this Pepsi started direct road show taste competition in which two glasses of soft drink one is Pepsi and another is Coke was given to a person, not...
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