Pepsi and Its Competitors

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PepsiCo - World Leader In Convenient Foods & Beverages Industry

• Revenues – About $43 billion and over 198,000 Employees across the globe • PepsiCo was founded in 1965 through the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay • PepsiCo brands are available in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe • PepsiCo has more than 500 products in it’s portfolio of which 18 brands generate $1 Billion each in retail sales

A broad spectrum of beverages worldwide bringing fun and refreshment to consumers

Frito-Lay invigorates PepsiCo's portfolio of products with plenty of good food and 'good fun'

Tropicana, the strongest name in juices; the best of fruit

Quaker expands our portfolio with a wide range of healthy food choices

Gatorade's line of performance drinks adds over 40 years of rehydration & sports nutrition research to the PepsiCo portfolio

Our Corporate Philosophy

Performance with Purpose At PepsiCo we gauge our financial achievement by our social and environmental performance. Our sustainable efforts have given our business the solid foundation we need to keep pace with an ever-changing market

A Philosophy That Is Manifested At PepsiCo India Through A Comprehensive Sustainability Program

PepsiCo India - Our Portfolio Today Meets A Range Of Consumer Food & Beverage Needs Beverage Need States

Snack Need States















Serviced By Muscular Brands That Enjoy Consumer Preference and Loyalty

Built Through Superior, ConsumerValidated Propositions, Rooted In Insight

And Supported By A Robust Information Ecosystem

Periodic KPI Tracking

Digging deeper

Consumer Insights • More than observation or findings – Deeper & more penetrating • Talking to consumers, not just talking about them • Recognizing relationships • Re-framing the problem • Driven by both people & process

• Syndicated data •Consumer/ retailer data • Trend reports • Customized research ( qualitative & quantitative) • Internal data

• Consumer motivation & emotional attachment to brands • Consumption rituals • Ethnography • Consumer segmentation,Typology • Consumer/Customer decision making tree

However Our Consumer Is A Moving Target – Evolving Rapidly

Macro Consumer Trends Point To Consumers in Experience-Maximization Mode Stop-Go Stop-Go Lives Lives
The reshaping of culture, community, & what it means to belong Adapting to a life that is fast, flexible and lived-on-the-go

Community Community Transformations Transformations

Health & Health & Wellness Wellness

Increasing focus on Wellness, though low evidence yet of walking the talk

The rising currency of visual information

New New Communication Communication Currencies Currencies

Professional Professional Consumers Consumers Experiential Experiential Society Society

Consumers seeking & savoring experiences

Consumers increasingly becoming demanding, sophisticated & contradictory in their shopping patterns

Fundamentally Changing The Consumer Engagement Paradigm
Bite Sized Communications Niche is the new norm

Shorter attention time spans, unprecedented exposure

Customization & personalization, spurred by increased individualism

Authenticity is a key value

Brand Affinity is tougher to build

Declined trust in Corporations demand for more information

Brand Platforms are becoming crowded spaces – Cricket is activated by > 130 brands!

Consumers Are Now In Control

The Rules of Engagement Have Changed

Altering the Power Equation Between Advertisers & Consumers

Much Of This Is Powered By A Changing Media Landscape

My Media

We, the Media

Consumer control an engagement

Niche Media Mainstream Media


Social Media

Personal Media

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