Pepsi's Uk Target Audience

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Pepsi’s target market

Pepsi has aimed itself at a young audience with an age range of teens to mid twenties. With regards to their U.S website, which is ranked the 4th most visited in food consumer products, you can clearly see that from its layout, use of colours and wording that Pepsi is bright, funky and fresh; aimed at forward thinking young men and women. In poor contrast the Pepsi UK website focuses mainly on football and is centred on the Pepsi Max brand. This brand has generally been seen as male due to its colour schemes and also previous advertising campaigns based on high adrenaline sports. Therefore Pepsi Max is less appealing to women and so it the Pepsi UK website.

The Pepsi adverts can be seen as targeting a potentially narrow demographic. Most Pepsi adverts today consist of high profile football players advertising their brand. In theory Pepsi are narrowing their target market as football is a sport mainly enjoyed by men, although its female fan base is constantly growing. On the other hand, the use of football within their advertising makes Pepsi more appealing to a wider age range. This shows as the adverts starring David Beckham have been some of the most successful to date.

Pepsi has also had a range of adverts starring various music artists. The target audience for these is much younger compared to their football adverts, however, iconic artists such as Michael Jackson hold universal appeal.

Pepsi could work on widening its target audience in the areas of age range and gender. Pushing the Pepsi brand towards a female demographic as well as male would boost sales. Also widening the age range that Pepsi target would mean that adults would start buying the brand for the family home.

I think this could be done by just tweaking what Pepsi already does.

• Use of a wider range of music artists. I.e. maybe try using Tom Jones in an advertising campaign. • Tapping in to what makes a country unique and using it in Pepsi’s...
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