People's Attitude toward Life: Influence of Optimism and Pessimism for Success

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Influence of Optimist and Pessimist for Success Lonny

People always talk about success, but no one agrees on what makes people successful. Like a tree, there are no two leaves the same. On no account could two peoples’ success be identical. Different minds and attitudes create different wonderful achievements. Generally, according to a person’s differentiation, the attitude towards life can either be positive/optimistic or negative/pessimistic, so people are divided into these two groups of optimists and pessimists. For example, an optimist will look at a sunset and think, “Look how beautiful nature is, thank god, life is a wonderful present,” where a pessimist will look at the same one and think, “The sunset means another day of life passed over and I have one day closer to death.” It is just like an optimist seeing a half-water filled bottle as half full when the pessimist sees half empty. Scientists believe that people with an optimistic attitude towards life can be more successful than pessimists. It is no doubt about that, but people need pessimistic thinking to triumph.

Despite everyone knowing optimists are more likely successful, too much optimism or over confidence will lead to negative consequences, even disaster. For example, in ancient times there were three most undoubtedly powerful and prosperous dynasties: Ancient China, Ancient Babylon and Ancient Egypt. Once Ancient China ruled the world. Over a period of 5,000 years the Chinese people developed a unique, self-contained and self-centered society at the extreme eastern end of the Eurasian landmass. The Chinese complacently thought that they did not want what modern science offered—greater technology, power over the natural world, and an improved standard of living. Unlike Westerners, the over-optimistic Chinese felt no need to develop modern science to conquer the natural world. Eventually, as a consequence, Chinese people had been suffering from catastrophic...
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