People with Hiv

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People with HIV

People with HIV
Sharaka Nelson
University of Phoenix

People with HIV

Not too long ago in the distant past, a deadly virus called HIV put a damper on the health industry. This virus wreaked havoc and everyone was on edge due to the ignorance of this disease and its process. The race was on to discover a drug to help people with this deadly virus to live longer and productive lives. Today, people are living longer with this virus, for instance: if you are diagnosed in your 30’s it is possible, with the effectiveness of the drugs, to live well into your 70’s. As great as this news is, there are still problems that people with this deadly disease face particularly the male population. Studies have shown that the lack of basic living needs have curtail the effectiveness of the drugs in males who are either homeless or who live in low income housing. Failing to meet their housing, food, clothing and hygiene needs “under- mines these very real individual and public health benefits of HIV medication delivery” (Sheehy, 2012).

These men are more concern about having their everyday needs met verses taking the medication necessary to sustain their health and perhaps prolong their lives. There are certain rules to follow in order for these antiretroviral medications to be effective. Along with receiving the therapy needed to take the medication properly, the patients must have a sense of stability knowing that their primary concern has been taken care of. Studies have shown that if a person has a sense of self-worth and their everyday essential needs are being met, then they are more likely to care about their health and themselves and will take the necessary precautions to maintain their stability, but if that foundation is shaky, then depression can set in and the desire to live or to stay healthy can terminate their will for survival quickly. The simply focus on just providing the medication has taken second place to...
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