People Think Students Should Go to Private Schools

Topics: Parent, Parenting, Mother Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Father are just as capable as mothers of taking care of children, so men should share parenting work more equally with women. (377 words) The question of whether fathers should share the day to day care of children more equally with mothers and whether men are as capable as women of taking care of children is a contentious one. In this essay I will discuss both sides of the matter and present my point of view. Obviously, a father plays a pivotal role in a child’s development, however, men may also cause serious problems. Firstly, children may have negative effects in forming their characteristics during childhood. In some cases, children may suffer from serious discipline and characteristics of paternal hardiness such as powerful, determination. Therefore, they are more likely become timid adults because they are afraid to express their own ideas and creativeness. Moreover, fathers are not as capable as mothers due to a natural lack of ability of multitasking, empathizing with children and dealing with stress. In fact, men are often likely to be impatient and hot tempered so they are not good at taking care of children. Men sometimes become angry easily so some children dare not talk about their problems to their father. On the other hand, some people nowadays think that men are capable of taking care of their children. In modern life, bringing up children is easier compared to the past. Fathers can easily access useful information from mass media and they can use a lot of modern facilities to make raising children more interesting. For example, in the past fathers had to buy books from shops and read to children but now they can surf many interesting stories on the Internet in a very short time with attractive pictures and sometimes with video. Furthermore, children cannot develop strongly and successfully without a father’s care. Indeed, fathers may look after their children by realistic actions that help children more confident. Despite the above...
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