People Should Be Encouraged to Use Public Transport Due to the Ever Increasing Traffic Congestion on Our Roads and Pollution Caused by Motor Vehicles. How Far Do You Agree with the Following Statement?

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People should be encouraged to use public transport due to the ever increasing traffic congestion on our roads and pollution caused by motor vehicles. How far do you agree with the following statement? People often say the earth is getting sick because of natural environmental problem. I think the main factor of the problem is related to the ever increased cars. I absolutely agree the idea that the use of the public transportation would be helpful to the solution of the traffic jam and pollution by following reasons. Firstly, if people would use the mass transit such as buses, trains, and metros, the number of cars would decrease resulting in that there would be traffic jams. It could bring the favor effect to the air purification. Secondly, if people would use less cars, the natural resources would less consume. It could evade the situation in quick danger of depletion of natural resources. The less use of oil, aluminum, and iron could be helpful to healty nature. However, there are still people who have cars and use everyday in despite of the harmful effect to the nature because of convenience. I maintain government should support the public transit policy by increasing the price of oil, cars, and taxes. Furthermore the government try to make the public transportation comfortable by increasing buses and trains, and by making mass transit cozier. In conclusion, I support the idea that people should use more buses and trains than cars. This idea would become in reality by government’s support. Individually and nationally we try to use the public transport.
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