People Power Revolution

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EDSA People Power Revolution
Kaitlin Frazier
Strayer University

Sociology of Developing Countries
Professor Anderson
EDSA People Power Revolution
In 1986 there was a peaceful revolution against the Philippines’s President Ferdinand Marcos. The Filipinos were tired of how President Marcos government oppressed the people. The Philippine people staged a revolt called the EDSA People Power Revolution. The revolution is also known as the Peaceful Revolution because there was no bloodshed. Prayer was the only weapon.

On February 25 1986, the Filipino people marched Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) in the People Power Revolution. The revolt came from President Marcos not treating his people properly. Marcos was not willing to do things for his people the way a president should. President Marcos framed Senator Benigno “Ninay” Aquino Sr. for bomb threats. Marcos did not like the Senator because he did not approve of what the President was doing. The Senator was exiled. The Filipino people lost their patience with Marcos when the former senator was flying back to the Philippines; he was shot and killed by Marcos’s men.

After Aquino was killed his wife, Cory Aquino, showed the Filipinos and the world what could be done for the people of the Philippines. Aquino was telling people to revolt against the President. An election was held between Marcos and Aquino on February 7 1986. The election was the most corrupt and deceitful election in Philippine history. The revolt came about when Marcos’s Defense Minister and Armed Forces Vice-Chief of Staff did not want to support the president and the government that he ran.

Aquino passed information along to the Filipinos through Radio Veritas, the 24-hour Am station operated by the Roman Catholic Church (The People Power Revolution). They had to use the radio, because it was the only form that President Marcos did not have control over. The radio aired messages that summoned Filipino’s to...
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