“People Power Empowerment: Position Paper:

Topics: Corazon Aquino, Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Last February 25, the Filipino people once again commemorated the People Power Revolution on its twenty-sixth year. Such national event has made a mark in the history being known as a bloodless revolution which other countries attempted to do as well. For the masses, it was the ultimate symbol of the true empowerment of democracy. Having ousted a so-called tyrant through the unity of the Filipino people and without any bloodshed, the EDSA Revolution manifested that power does lie on the hands of the masses. It may have meant a success for some, especially to Marcos’ enemies, but the real question is, “Did the People Power Revolution really give us freedom? Change?

This paper will try to assess the pros and cons of the said revolution. Did the Filipino people really become better off because of it?
First, let us look into the positive side of the argument. At some point, the People Power Revolution did mean a success. The Filipino people succeeded in abolishing the prevailing dictatorship at that time. It is true that during the Martial Law, there was oppression. Freedom is quite out of reach and abuses are rampant. Human rights have been greatly violated as there were many assassinations. Even the media were greatly monitored. There is a lot of suppression going on to say the least. What the People Power significantly brought forth was the fact that with unity and strong faith, anything is possible. Filipinos from different social classes and different fields of profession have gathered up with one goal in mind – to stop the long standing dictatorship and bring back the freedom that was once lost. Militaries, religious personalities like cardinals, priests and nuns, celebrities and the mass people have all joined hands and pushed forward a peaceful, bloodless revolution.

On the opposite side of the argument however, it poses that the revolution may only be...
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