People Pleasing People

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Selena Thompson
CIS 114
Maria Uskova
12 December 2012
People Pleasing People…….Monical’s Way
In 1959, the Monical Family started making pizzas in a small town called Tolono, Illinois. Very soon everyone in the town loved their recipe and the “Monical’s Family” became a hit. Thus, “Monical’s Pizza” was born. Today there are 66 Monical's Pizza restaurants located throughout central Illinois, with several franchise location in Indiana and Wisconsin. In an intensely competitive business environment, Monical’s pizza has managed not only to keep up, but outpace many if its larger competitors. There are 2 reasons for their record performance, People and Vision.

Their Mission, “The family pleaser…People pleasing people”, is very simple. People drive Monical’s Pizza to make nothing but the best. Over the past 3 to 5 years, Monical’s has put new items their menus such as Calzones, Stuffed Pizza and new specialty pizzas like Pizza Florentine, which has spinach, minced garlic, red bell peppers and red onions, DELIOCIOUS!!!

Their Vision, “In a world that pulls people apart….we bring people together.” Monical’s pizza internalizes the importance of people and emulates its “People Pleasing People philosophy. Their approach has resulted in a great organizational culture that is recognized by the industry sponsors such as the 2002 Employer of Choice Award winner, 2003 People and Performance award winner, 2004 winning Workforce award winner and 2005 Management turnover rate of less that 35%.

Monical’s Pizza is on their way to being a huge successful pizza company. They are very strong with the idea of pleasing people and have made it believable enough so that their employees and customers both believe in it. But where they are weak is performing and serving the same things that are also on the menus of their competitors.

Monical’s Pizza has a vast number of opportunities outside the restaurant such as the sports backer program they do with local...
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