People of Walmart

Topics: Cosmetics Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: November 5, 2011
People of Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart has a spectacular combination of customers. Many are quite respectful; most are ignorant. Everyday people dread the thought of shopping in Wal-Mart’s usually unique unwanted circumstances. A slight degree of onlookers get a thrill from the odd nature Wal-Mart provides. Other customers feel comfortable and at home with their shopping experience. Numerous people shop only to get the best deal. Waiting in line to check out could be a deal breaker. Although the conditions are unforgiveable; Wal-Mart goers continue to shop and surface at a rapid pace. Carts may be contaminated, lines long, and produce selections slim to none. Everyday outrageously bad, ugly, creepy, and crazy shoppers will be viewed. Many shoppers and shopping experiences are inexcusable. The grandfather of all shoppers is the scooter hoarder. The mobility scooter is provided for the use of handicapped people. These scooters are usually used by very heavy people who are probably able to walk around. They are either too lazy to walk or have converted their obesity into a handicap for which they receive disability benefits. Most often they are seen with the front basket loaded with multiples of sugar high fat content foods. A willing helper close by pushes a cart loaded with the same items. Piloting the scooter can be a challenge for them. They tend to make full U-turns in aisles with innocent customers being forced to move out of the way by the willing helper-shopper. Another brand of scooter hoarder is the teenage jokesters. It may be hard to understand this brand’s motive. Friends of theirs could possibly think they are just making a comical joke. The more mature age group might view them as showing off or even inebriated. More than likely the elder generation considers this disrespectful or even a type of vandalism. These hoodlums do not realize that a truly handicapped person will be without an aid for shopping. If they do understand the consequences; empathy is not...
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