"People Naturally Resist Making Changes in Their Lives. What Kind of Problems Can This Cause? What Solutions Can You Suggest?

Topics: Subroutine, Knowledge, Sociology Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Topic- "People naturally resist making changes in their lives. What kind of problems can this cause? What solutions can you suggest? Give reasons for your answer and include any examples from your own knowledge or experience. Words-least 250

In the fast moving world, there are few people, who continue to believe a small change can either damage their reputation or traditional culture. Furthermore, they encourage people to practice same method and forget problems it can cause to individuals and society. 

Those people, who develop resistance to change often suffer from monotonous and lack of enthusiasm because they are trapped in their work and lifestyle that advocated to worship repetitiveness and so, their health deteriorates and as a result their quality of life may be no better than before. A good idea would be to encourage them to take some time off for new activities of their interest such as sports, reading, traveling. By doing this people would feel energetic and improved concentration will eventually make them efficient and productive.

Moreover, these people are highly dependent on others as they lack adequate skills to complete a task. This happens due to fear and hesitant of accepting advanced technology. Consequently, their self-esteem is high suffered, which is reflected in their social behaviour. For instance, these people may withdrawn themselves from society considering others as crowd or may lack to built up conversation because of limited knowledge. The obvious answer is to help these people to be more self aware. This can be done either by communicating with people from distant land or traveling. Other possibility could be promoting benefits of advanced technology and guideline on usage. Additionally, support people with good library resources that has access to relevant articles, journals and books. Thus, this will lead them to be more knowledgeable and confident. 

Last but not least, if people avoid changes, then the entertainment,...
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